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Korean BBQ Menu


Extra value, exceptional BBQ experience

8 Flavours Pork Belly Set

Comes with free stew of your choice. Contains 8 flavours of pork belly: Ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, curry, soybean paste, Korean chilli paste, and green tea.



Wagyu Beef Set

Wagyu oyster blade, rump cap, seasoned finger ribs, and soy-seasoned short rib


[LIMITED!] Super Value BBQ Combo

[VALUED AT $132] Pecfect for 2 people! Enjoy our top selling products including Woo Samgyup (Beef Belly), Seasoned Beef Short Ribs, Wagyu Finger Ribs and Pork Scotch, PLUS, side dishes and a vegetable platter! Available Mon-Wed + Sun.


Limited time only

Korean BBQ - Beef

Enjoy best quality wagyu beef and more sourced from Australia.

Seasoned Wagyu Oyster Blade


Wagyu Oyster Blade


Seasoned Wagyu Finger Ribs


Ox Tongue


Soy-Seasoned Beef Short Ribs


Wagyu Finger Ribs


Seasoned Woo Samgyup (Beef Belly)


Korean BBQ - Pork

Indulge in fresh locally sourced top quality Scottsdale pork

Marinated Pork Scotch Fillet


Aged Pork Belly


Pork Jowl


Pork Scotch Fillet


Pork Intestine


Korean BBQ - Chicken

Spicy Chicken Thigh


Garlic-Seasoned Chicken Thigh


[Limited] Boneless Korean Fried Chicken

For 1


For 2


Limited time only

[Limited] Signature Fried Chicken Wings


Limited time only


Cold Noodle

Icy cold noodles with sweet and sour cold broth, pickled radish, cucumber, and egg slice


Spicy Cold Noodle

Icy cold noodles with spicy sauce, pickled radish, cucumber, and egg slice


Classic Veggie Japchae

Korean glass noodle with veggies


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